Aquarius january 6 2020 weekly horoscope by marie moore

Just as weaknesses can become strengths if we work on them, our strengths can turn into weakness if we lean on them too much.

AQUARIUS Weekly ~July 22 to 28 * TIME TO REFOCUS!

This Sun-Moon combination also fits an organization that, at its lunatic fringe which lately never seems far from its center , says the government can have its guns when they pry them from their cold, dead fingers. Sun in Scorpio rules threats, paranoia, and — it must be said — killing; Moon in Aquarius is an emotionally rebellious position.

When a Full Moon aligns with our Mars, our goals — or aggressiveness — will show; when aligned with Saturn, we see our willingness to acknowledge boundaries. So, with the spotlight on the NRA , who do they trot out to voice their position? With the Full Moon indicating a need for good vision and wise aim, Mr. LaPierre proceeded to shoot himself and the NRA in the foot. His call for more guns, rather than fewer, in schools was wildly out of sync with public sentiment.

Transit Saturn is now moving through Scorpio, asking for an increased sense of responsibility on the part of all who have important planets and points in this sign. The NRA is feeling no love from the powers that be.

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So true! Saying more prays for others than myself. Respond to that text like a Leo. Laugh it off like a Sagittarius.

Main: alyx. Snap: alyx. Well hell Sagittarius Daily Horoscope 8 October This is going to be a romantic and idealistic day for you but of course, it will only occur during your breaks because otherwise, you will be too busy showcasing your tough image. You are enthusiastic about yourself so there might not be too many things to tell you but that you need to be careful because something that seems to be too good to be true it probably isn't.

Asking How Can I? Saved my life and until yesterday after talking to a close friend I had no idea why.

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When I stopped trying to figure out why things weren't working or going my way and started to really question how I can contribute and serve. My entire paradigm shifted. Why does that matter When you accept full responsibility and are accountable and intentional about your approach to everything My friend said that when I started asking How Can I? It meant I was open-minded and ready to listen to what God, My Angels and the Universe had in store for me.

It was the most thought provoking conversation I've had to date. Ya this is me, if you can get and keep my attention you are on a very select list This is so accurate.

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    You wanna keep your namesake- have a boy. This hits home on Oct.

    Do you need to go back to therapy? But you do have to take off those rose-colored glasses of yours and spend a little more time with the more uncomfortable sides of yourself — like anger.